2.1.0 (2019-08-20)

  • ZCatalog’s index datum value type is now string (json serialized) (previously was dictionary type).

Migration Required

  1. Do complete reindexing.

2.0.0 (2019-05-18)


  • Issue#14 Now reference query is powerful yet! It is possible now search by resourceType only or mixing up.
  • Issue#21 One of the powerful feature added, IN/OR support in search query. Now possible to provide multiple values separated by comma.


  • Drop support Elastic server version 2.3.x.


  • Important fix for Quantity search type, now value prefix not impact on other (unit, system). Additionally also now possible to search by unit or system and code (without value)

1.0.0 (2019-01-18)


  • Drop fhirclient dependency, instead make fhir.resources dependency.
  • collective.elasticsearch version minimum version 2.0.5 has been pinned.

1.0.0rc4 (2018-10-25)


  • Drop support for Plone 4.xx (sorry).


  • Issue#10 JSON Viewer added in display mode.
  • Issue#18 api module to make available for all publicly usable methods, functions, classes.
  • Issue#17 Add suports for duplicate param names into query string. It is now possible to provide multiple condition for same param type. For example ?_lastUpdated=gt2015-10-15T06:31:18+00:00&_lastUpdated=lt2018-01-15T06:31:18+00:00
  • Issue#10 Add support for Composite type FHIR search param.
  • Issue#13 Add support for Address and ContactPoint mapping. It opens up many search params.
  • Mappings are more enriched, so many missing mappings are added, like valueString, valueQuantity and so on.[nazrulworld]
  • Issue#12 Full support for code search param type has been added, it also opens up for other search parameters (y).
  • Issue#15 support for Humanane mapping in search.

1.0.0rc3 (2018-09-22)


  • Issue: 6 A major improvement has been done, now very slim version (id, resourceType, meta) of FHIR json resource has been indexed in ZCatalog (zope index) version, however previously whole fhir resource was stored as a result now huge storage savings, perhaps improves indexing performance. [nazrulworld]

1.0.0rc1 (2018-08-27)


  • Identifier search parameter is active now (both array of identifier and single object identifier).
  • Array of Reference query support (for example basedOn (list of reference) ) is active now. Although normal object reference has already been supported.
  • All available mappings for searchable resources are generated.
  • FHIR search sort feature is available!
  •, and registry records are available to setup ES mapping
  • URI and Number type parameter based search are fully available.
  • `resourceType` filter is automatically injected into every generated query. Query Builder knows about which resourceType should be.

Breaking Changes

  • have to install, as some registry records (settings) for elasticsearch mapping have been introduced.
  • Any deprecated FHIR Field Indexes other than FhirFieldIndex (FhirOrganizationIndex and so on) are removed

1.0.0b7 (2018-08-10)

  • Media search available.
  • exception class available, it would be used to catch any fhir query buiding errors. [nazrulworld]

1.0.0b6 (2018-08-04)

  • Fix: minor type mistake on non existing method called.
  • Migration guide has been added. [nazrulworld]

1.0.0b5 (2018-08-03)


  • FhirFieldIndex Catalog Index has been refactored. Now this class is capable to handle all the FHIR resources. That’s why other PluginIndexes related to FhirField have been deprecated.
  • New ZCatalog (plone index) index naming convention has been introduced. Any index name for FhirFieldIndex must have fhir resource type name as prefix. for example: task_index

1.0.0b4 (2018-08-01)

  • Must Update (fix): Important updates made on mapping, reference field mapping was not working if value contains with /, now made it tokenize by indecating index is not_analyzed
  • _profile search parameter is now available. [nazrulworld]

1.0.0b3 (2018-07-30)

  • Mapping improvment for FhirQuestionnaireResponseIndex, FhirObservationIndex, FhirProcedureRequestIndex, FhirTaskIndex, FhirDeviceRequestIndex

1.0.0b2 (2018-07-29)

New Features:

  • supports for elasticsearch has been added. Now many basic fhir search are possible to be queried.
  • upto 22 FHIR fields indexes (FhirActivityDefinitionIndex, FhirAppointmentIndex, FhirCarePlanIndex, FhirDeviceIndex, FhirDeviceRequestIndex, FhirHealthcareServiceIndex, FhirMedicationAdministrationIndex, FhirMedicationDispenseIndex, FhirMedicationRequestIndex, FhirMedicationStatementIndex, FhirObservationIndex, FhirOrganizationIndex, FhirPatientIndex, FhirPlanDefinitionIndex, FhirPractitionerIndex, FhirProcedureRequestIndex, FhirQuestionnaireIndex, FhirQuestionnaireResponseIndex, FhirRelatedPersonIndex, FhirTaskIndex, FhirValueSetIndex)
  • Mappings for all available fhir indexes are created.
  • elasticsearch option is now available for

1.0.0b1 (2018-03-17)

  • first beta version has been released.

1.0.0a10 (2018-03-12)

  • fix(bug) Issue-3: resource_type constraint don’t raise exception from validator.

1.0.0a9 (2018-03-08)

  • There is no restriction/limit over fhir resources, all available models are supported.

1.0.0a8 (2018-01-22)

1.0.0a7 (2018-01-21)

1.0.0a6 (2018-01-14)

  • missing HealthcareService fhir model is added as supported model.

1.0.0a5 (2018-01-14)

  • Person fhir model added in whitelist.

1.0.0a4 (2018-01-14)

  • IFhirResource.model_interface field type changed to DottedName from InterfaceField.

1.0.0a3 (2017-12-22)

  • FHIR Patch support added. Now patching fhir resource is more easy to manage.
  • plone.supermodel support is confirmed.[nazrulworld]
  • plone.rfc822 marshaler field support.[nazrulworld]

1.0.0a2 (2017-12-10)

  • FhirResourceWidget is made working state. From now it is possible to adapt FhirResourceWidget` with z3c.form [nazrulworld]

1.0.0a1 (2017-12-05)

  • Initial release. [nazrulworld]