FHIR Search Query

This product has a query builder helper, that is actually transforming fhir search params into Plone’s search compatible params so that PortalCatalog tool understand what to do. Each of FHIR Indexes provided by this product, by default using this query builder but it is possible to provide prepared query.

Query Builder

plone.app.fhir.field.helpers.build_elasticsearch_query takes only HL7 fhir standard search parameters and transforms to elasticsearch compatible query that is executing through plone catalog search. However belows are lists of standard parameters those are supported by this Query Builder (more to continue adding, until full supports are completed)

Integrate in your REST API service

This product has been got all battery included to be integrated with plone.restapi for becoming HL7 FHIR standard RESTful API server which would provide search service as defined here.

Example RESTful service could be found here

Parameter Name Example Remarks
_id   Yes
_lastUpdated   Yes
_profile   Yes
birthdate   Yes
gender   Yes
patient   Yes
status   Yes
owner   Yes
subject   Yes
effective   Yes
url   Yes
version   Yes
authored   Yes
identifier   Yes
based-on   Yes
part-of   Yes
price-override   Yes
quantity | Yes
factor-override   Yes
length | Yes
code | Yes
medication | Yes
address | Yes
address-city | Yes
address-country   Yes
address-postalcode   Yes
address-state | Yes
address-use | Yes
telecom | Yes
email | Yes
phone | Yes
name | Yes
family | Yes
given   Yes
code-value-concept   Yes
code-value-date   Yes
code-value-quantity | Yes
code-value-string   Yes